Tips för ökad kreativitet och innovation vid strategiarbete

Här är ett antal gratis e-böcker från Brainzooming som tar upp ramverk, verktyg och frågeställningar för att accelerera och hjälpa dig med dina kreativa processer inom strategi, innovation och varumärkesarbete/branding.

Strategic Planning & Implementation eBooks

FREE Download: ”11 Fun Ideas for Strategic Planning
Strategic planning is typically serious stuff. That doesn’t mean it has to kill creativity and engagement, however, to create a strong, implementable plan.

It’s completely possible strategic planning can be:

  • Mentally and creatively stimulating
  • Highly-engaging for participants at all levels
  • Enjoyable while also delivering new, high-impact idea
  • This Brainzooming eBook shares eleven go-to approaches we use to design and facilitate strategic planning activities that are both fun AND boost results for your organization!

Reimagine the SWOT Analysis

Generate Fresh Strategic Insights!

FREE Download: ”Reimagining the SWOT Analysis
One highly-effective way to turn a typical, boring strategic planning meeting into one that stimulates both minds and business is by introducing alternatives to traditional strategic thinking exercises. This will help your strategy meeting avoid hitting a strategic rut.

Start your strategy planning changes by shaking up the traditional SWOT exercise that attempts to detail your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

In the Brainzooming strategy eBook, ”Reimagining the SWOT Analysis,” you’ll learn 11 ways to engage your strategy team through:

  • Using easy equations as you develop actionable insights into opportunities and threats
  • Adding an extra O to your SWOT to create an all-new SWOOT analysis
  • Introducing an unexpected and bolder SWOT to push your thinking in new ways

This Brainzooming eBook reveals multiple approaches to generate fresh insights and turn the tired old SWOT into a fresh and imaginative strategic thinking activity.

The 600 Most Powerful Strategic Planning Questions

Ask Powerful Questions to Deliver Results!
FREE Download: ”The 600 Most Powerful Strategic Planning Questions
Great strategic planning questions encourage and allow people to effectively and efficiently share what they know, whether that’s factual information, personal perspectives, or their insights on high-potential market opportunities and innovative strategies.

In the Brainzooming strategy eBook, ”The 600 Most Powerful Strategic Planning Questions,” we share links to 600 of the most powerful brainstorming and strategic planning questions we incorporate in our strategic thinking exercises. You’ll have access to proven questions for:

  • Developing Strategy
  • Branding and Marketing
  • Innovation
  • Extreme Creativity
  • Successful Implementation
    This Brainzooming eBook shares the most powerful questions we use with our clients across industries to uncover great ideas and innovative strategies that deliver real results!

Right Now – 29 Ideas Speed Up Strategic Planning

Finish Strategic Planning Right Now!
FREE Download: Right Now! 29 Ideas to Speed Up Strategic Planning
Under the gun to immediately wrap up strategic planning in your organization? Then you need Right Now! 29 Ideas to Speed Up Strategic Planning.

These are proven ideas we use to remove steps, improve planning efficiency, and speed up strategic planning so you can go from planning to implementing ASAP! You’ll be able to get through planning faster with:

  • 10 Ideas to Speed Up Strategic Planning
  • 5 Things To Do If You Haven’t Started Planning Yet
  • 1 Question to Focus and Speed Up Strategy Meetings
  • 13 Ideas to Identify Additional Opportunities for Planning Efficiency and Effectiveness

Innovation eBooks

Disrupting Thinking – 13 Exercises to Imagine Disrupting Your Own Brand Before Someone Else Disrupts You!
Disrupt Your Thinking Before Others Do!
FREE Download: Disrupting Thinking – 13 Exercises to Imagine Disrupting Your Own Brand Before Someone Else Disrupts You!
It’s challenging for established brands to envision aggressively disrupting their own or even other markets. Brands that have invested heavily in successful business models are loathe to rework their operations in radical new ways.

Emerging, disruptive competitors, however, don’t carry the same reservations and hesitancies.

That’s why Disrupting Thinking – 13 Exercises to Imagine Disrupting Your Own Brand Before Someone Else Disrupts You is designed for corporate strategists. The question-based exercises in Disrupting Thinking challenge leadership teams to re-imagine what their brands do, the value they provide, and how they would go to market as if starting from scratch.

Based on the market or brand areas you need to disrupt, the thirteen exercises in Disrupting Thinking address your organization’s:

  • Benefits and value
  • Marketing strategies
  • Structure and processes
  • Risk-taking behavior
  • Industry and market dynamics
  • New business initiatives

16 Keys for Finding Resources to Accelerate Your Innovation Strategy
Find New Resources to Innovate!
FREE Download: ”16 Keys for Finding Resources to Accelerate Your Innovation Strategy
You know it’s important for your organization to innovate. One challenge, however, is finding and dedicating the resources necessary to develop an innovation strategy and begin innovating.

This Brainzooming eBook will help identify additional possibilities for people, funding, and resources to jumpstart your innovation strategy. You can employ the strategic thinking exercises in Accelerate to:

  • Facilitate a collaborative approach to identifying innovation resources
  • Identify alternative internal strategies to secure support
  • Reach out to external partners with shared interests in innovation

Idea Magnets & Creative Leadership eBooks

7×7 – 49 Questions to Generate Extreme Creativity, linked to the seven Idea Magnets strategies.
Questions are one of an Idea Magnet’s most powerful forces to cultivate and attract incredible, innovative thinking.
7X7 – 49 Questions to Generate Extreme Creativity reveals forty-nine Extreme Creativity Questions linked to the seven Idea Magnets strategies. This FREE gift is a ready-to-go creative formula to attract amazing ideas by:

  • Challenging conventional thinking
  • Providing surprising, creativity-generating perspectives
  • Encouraging boundary-pushing ideas that turn into results
    7X7 will quickly become your go-to resource to encourage powerful creative thinking for you and your team!

Brand Strategy

Starting Generating Cool Product Names!
These seven Brainzooming questions will push your thinking toward cool product names that reflect the most important aspects of your brand!
Who needs brand names that are safe, pointless acronyms, or awkward combinations of two merged companies? Use this infographic’s questions to quickly imagine hundreds of cool possibilities for naming anything new.

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